0xC0FF33 and 0xC0D3

It amazes me that this forum still works and that there is activity.

I see that @sebiiksbcs has new hardware brewing. You all should support him.

Life has gotten in the way for me unfortunately. I can only ask you to find it in your hearts to forgive my basic human frailties, needing to look away for my own sanity. I wish I could do this kind of work in a sustainable way. It was always more about the experience of doing the project for me internally, not about wanting attention, wanting to run a business, not even really being that interested in using the final result, etc.

I promise you all that someday I will make a comeback in this space somehow. The time isn’t quite right for it yet, but I always have ideas brewing.

I hope that you all are well and have more clarity today than you did in the past. Be good to each other and to yourselves.


Man, thanks for your honesty. It means a lot.
Of course we forgive you. Let me tell you… Your health, my health, our health is more important than anything. Don’t let any job, business, boss or anything step on it. So, don’t be hard on yourself. You took the best decision. The community can wait. Not a big deal, really.

Now, @sebiiksbcs is working on this prototype. We’re all glad the axo journey is still going on. I’m sure you can give him some hints :wink:. I remember you mentioned the assembly was the worst part. Maybe you two can share your experience.

Anyway, I’m a hardcore Akso user ( I have 3 of them now). I’m planning to release patches for a drum machine and a Nord Lead 2 kind of synth for anyone who has a dormant Akso so they can play with it.
It’s almost ready and working (yeah, I had to find lots of workarounds to make it work). I can tell you the Akso is a powerful “broken” beast but I love it.

To be continued