A message to nsm (Roadmap & fixes)

Hello ,

is there any roadmap or target date to implement the missing features of the AKSO board and fix the bugs?

please don’t misunderstand this post, in my opinion the Akso is a great platform with a lot of power and huge potential for great projects.
But a good hardware also needs a mature software. And I think, this is unfortunately the weak point of the platform. I bought my Akso board ~6 months ago thinking that the software would have a similar maturity level as the Axoloti board. Unfortunately this is not the case, I definitely miss i2c support, tables in subpatches, access to the (many) GPIOs… and so on.

I know that this is a one man show, and unfortunately the community support is not that big compared to the Axoloti (I am not a developer and cannot help). And for sure, there are definetly other circumstances which I am not aware of.

But on the other hand, the communication needs to be improvement.
As written above, the hardware is great, and it would be a real shame if the platform would fail due to the lack of software support.

Sorry if I hit a sensitive spot with my post, but I was really looking forward to the platform and right now I can realize less with it than with my Axoloti .

Please, let us know how it goes. Communication is the key.

Cheers Marcus


Bumping this for a hopeful answer.

I will be more blunt - I am very excited at the possibilities represented in Akso, but it has been a disappointment to this point.

Does anyone know what happened to @nsm? I know that we are all being generous and patient, especially given the difficulties of the last year.


Yeah, he hasn’t answered me for a long, long time here. I dunno what to say. I hope he’s ok, and knows that we want to share the load of turning Akso into a powerful creative tool.

Someone on Reddit was just telling me how excited they were about my Akso videos and was surprised that no one else was talking about it.

I agree. We should be. We need to know that new builders can get ahold of it if we’re gonna make videos and work on a new patcher and do experiments to share with others.


Same questions here… I wish I was a developer too, in order to be helpful. But i’m not.

Axoloti would deserve a wider spread than it already has. When Akso started to become a reality, I thought it would gain a huge fame, for its small footprint and bigger cpu / memory-ies.

With some little (?) fixes we’d be many to share creative patches and feed a virtuous circle…

Many times i thought of giving an Akso to a talented dev like sss… Who seems not to have one, otherwise he would chime in here i suppose !

Anyway. @nsm hope all is OK for you.


I just received my second akso in the mail today. Not sure what that means but I really like this device so I hope it has a future.

I was having trouble running patches on a windows 10 laptop, after it working fine for a few weeks. Working fine on a older Win 8 pc.

Really hoping to support this project long term. This thing can run huge patches compared to the original axo, hope we can work all the bugs out both on and off the field!


What akso needs at the time, is somebody to pick up the firmware and work on that. sss is not that good a programmer for that sort of thing (as he pointed out himself) we need devs that can work on firmware stuff like thetechnobear or Johannes or nsm… Those are rare.

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When did you order this unit?

placed an order for 2 in July 2020. got my first one around Halloween, after some weirdness with tracking numbers and it never showing up, contacted nsm, was great at first with getting back to me. received first one, working great for the most part when the patcher is working. second one just randomly showed up yesterday. I didnt want to bug him as its obviously not going smoothly just yet, and i have one in hand for the time being. I didnt know sss was over here!?! he’s my favorite! factotum looper is so the bee’s knees. sss has added so much value to the axo/akso, the best!!

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No you misunderstood me. I don’t think sss is on akso forum or hardware, but he would not be the right person to solve the current akso firmware problems…

For me akso is not usable atm because of these issues…

we need devs that can work on firmware stuff like thetechnobear or Johannes or nsm… Those are rare.

Lokki, I’m just curious what sort of programming background one needs to do work on this level? You’re absolutely correct that not just anybody can do it, but it’s something that I’m beginning to want to try doing. With the understanding of course that nobody will see any tangible results from me for quite some time :sweat_smile:

It’s a very naive question, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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It’s not so much the background I guess, most of it will be in c++, as the objects. but you need to setup a lot of stuff and wade through quite some code to understand the architecture of the whole firmware, possibly look at the source files one by one to understand where what is done, etc. So it is much more then writing an object. But then again it is not that bad, once everything is set up and working… I hacked a couple of firmwares in the past, but only very basic stuff, and a soon as I was dealing with a whole tree of files I was always first completely lost and had to ask for help (from the main dev).

The Java app and build script need work, too.

I think nsm should really take the decision to stop or continue this project. I mean, the website and orders are still open but there’s no fixes, updates or communication whatsoever.

You can’t still sell something that seems discontinued. I think it’s not super fair.

It would be great to have some kind of a timeline in the next few weeks to have an idea of where all of this is going.


I just hope he’s doing fine. This is definitely not his style…
I mean, he’s really a super nice guy, 1 in a thousand.
Getting a bit worried over here.


Yeah, we all are. He made something great and his instincts and knowledge are really valuable, not to mention how much he does this kind of thing out of a genuine love of the medium. He made a really chill community happen.


No doubt he is a nice guy!
And of course I hope everything is all right.
Just wonder where this is going. It feels like Akso is 98% finished.
It’s a bit frustrating with such an awesome piece of hardware… :pensive:

There been activity on his second github over the last two months so don’t get too dejected. I’m sure there will be progress in the medium term but yeah communication could be vastly improved.

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I seem to remember hearing that the Axoloti was plagued with inventory issues when it first started. There’s really nothing else like this project, so it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that there’s an overwhelming amount of orders to be addressed before he comes back and is bombarded by people asking about it. That’s not directed at anyone here, just what I predict would happen.

Yeah, it’s one of those things that is within eyeshot of greatness.

Great to hear that he is alive and well,

In total fairness to Nic I think the first person (tele_player) recieved their board on 20th September and the most recent update was that one was received by DMU 5 days ago from an order placed in September and sent out in Feburary.

He’s been very clear that this overwhelmed him and that there are various mitigating circumstances, including a global pandemic that have interfered with him rolling this all out, so he is playing catch up, 6 months is a short time in any endeavour, but this particular 6 months has been a bear to the whole world and Nic in particular.

The github activity and recent orders being sent means at least he is still Alive, which I think a few of us were genuinely concerned that he may not be…You hear that Nic, we know you are busy, but a small sign of life is important, we worry.

Thanks again Nic for all your hard work. Also just bought a Crave and have been pissing about with the CV capabilities of AKSO, just shoving patchleads here there and everywhere, easy as pie, plug and play…You Clever Clever Man