Akso Audio over USB

Is audio over USB possible with Akso? Given the strength of audio I/O, it could be an incredible and tidy mixer, and audio over USB would make it an incredibly clean audio hub…

From what I remember, it would be possible in the future but would need serious work for somebody to write a driver and integrate it into the firmware.

It’s absolutely possible. It’s on my short list of TODO features. I have a list of features I want to implement that I need to put up somewhere.

I’m not exactly sure what the best workflow is yet. In the past I was thinking about it as some kind of “mode” that you enable that takes the place of the normal patcher flow where it just appears as a normal usb audio interface to the host machine. But maybe it would be better to make it exist side by side with whatever patcher stuff is happening.

We of course could get really clever with patcher integration like allowing OS audio streams to connect directly to “patcher space.”

A related idea is just allowing the patcher to generate audio without any hardware attached, like directly out to the OS. There are pros and cons there but it feels like an intriguing thing to allow for prototyping.

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