Akso repository

Which repo should I check out for the Akso stuff, is it the Axoloti branch on zrna-research?

@rfb The latest code isn’t posted yet. Anything Axoloti related up there right now is out of date. It will be at zrna-research / akso. I’ll send out an email to everyone when it’s up.

A software quickstart guide will go up at the same time as well.


@nsm So you will post a repository of modified Axoloti code to work with the Akso?

Is the akso patching software finished yet? Or any ideas on ETA for availability? I’d love to get one soon but I’m a little worried it won’t be usable right away!

Hey @Aaronop. That’s a totally legitimate concern!

The repository is now up at https://github.com/zrna-research/akso.

The latest package releases will always be posted here: https://github.com/zrna-research/akso/releases. Feel free to try installing the package on your system to test it out before ordering hardware. Hardware is currently sold out by the way but you can still pre-order to reserve a spot in line; I’m in the process of restocking.

There’s also a Quickstart guide up here: https://zrna.org/akso/quickstart.


cool, thanks! I’m excited about this project, I’ll probably put in an order for the next batch shortly

Looking through the Akso software now - I see the TRS-Config objects, but how does one get the different of inputs into a patch? Is it just Audio In/Out? Is there an object to convert CV-in to MIDI and vice versa?

Hey @Aaronop. Yes, audio signals flow in and out through the Audio In and Out objects. The trs-config objects do not have any inputs or outputs; they’re only for setting configuration values inside of a patch.

The legacy Axoloti system does not support CV at all and has AC-coupled outputs, so there’s currently no direct notion of a particular CV level inside of the patcher environment. CV currently is mapped into a normal red audio signal inside of the patcher environment. Mapping to MIDI is simply a matter of defining a mapping from a particular range to a MIDI note value that makes sense for your application. For example if you run in CV mode and apply a constant (DC) input signal, it will end up as a roughly constant audio signal inside of the patcher. You’re free to do math on that value to map to some MIDI note. Similarly, you can go from a MIDI note value to a constant signal and send it out.

If there are standard mappings from CV to MIDI and back that would be handy to have, it’s easy to define some helper objects to do that.

Once you’re inside the Akso, you don’t need to worry about if it’s MIDI or not. It’s just a signal value. Are you trying to send MIDI out?

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Ah gotcha, I would just scale the CV to whatever Akso control with math objects and such.
Another thing I’m not clear on - is there a way to get separate signals out of the headphone vs 1/4" outputs? Basically could I use the 1/4" ins/outs for CV while also using the headphone out as audio? Or does the headphone out just mirror the 1/4" outs?

You don’t even really have to worry about voltage levels. It’s either bipolar (-64.00 : +64.00) or unipolar (0.00 : 64.00). It’s just a number.

There isn’t a 1/4in output. They’re all 3.5mm (1/8"). But to answer what I think your question is getting at, the same output goes to the headphone out as the left and right outputs. If you want stereo and some other sort of output (say, CV) you’ll have to use GPIO to generate your CV, then level shift it from 0:3v3 to -5:+5 (or whatever it is you need).

Cool to see it on the hub :metal: hope to get the board soon and get to it

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