Akso Tutorial Video 1


This is so dope @JoshuaACNewman. Thank you so much for doing this. Thanks for all of the support you’ve given me since we’ve known each other too.


I was looking at the Axoloti and this video convinced me to try Akso instead. I’m really excited to have a customizable portable after a few years of a large euro setup!

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Yeah, I’d love to build a level shifting board to give a whole panel of knobs and CV jacks. There’s can be enough going on in a single Akso that you could build an entire semimodular out of one of them with a patch matrix and fit it in the size of a Volca!

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Also looking into using a capacitive touch breakout or small Arduino to make a tunable touch interface. I’ve seen it done and it’s something I’ve wanted to mess with for awhile! This is one of those rabbit holes that’s actually pretty decently cost effective and I’m thrilled about it.

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Yissssssssss post about it in #workbench!