AKSO + USB MIDI controllers: hits and misses

On going thread for folks to add their attempts to connect external USB MIDI controller devices. I am not having much luck. and often get a bunch of java errors that I then need to do the flash rescue to reset the AKSO. In all cases the AKSO does recognize the devices in the board -> midi routing menu

I have tried:


  • Beat step pro: USB C to USB B Micro cable to BSP (cable from Amazon)
  • Beatstep pro using USB C to USB A/B adaptor to USB A/B to USB B Micro to BSP (cable from Arturia)
  • Elektron TM-1: connected using standard Elektron supplied USB cable to the AKSO with USB A-C adaptor and then various synths and sequencers plugged into MIDI in
  • Squarp Pyramid directly into to AKSO using USB C to A/B converter


  • Digitone connected to AKSO using USB C to USB A/B convertor to standard USB B into the Digitone. Obviously a Digitone is not an ideal controller but just checking

Seems MIDI compliance is still a ways off but hoping to try a simpler device like an AKAI LPD8 later today when I have time.

Hi just so it’s included

Novation Remote SL 61 & Zero both work

Digitakt works in usb midi mode (but not in usb audio + Midi mode)

Axoloti works in device mode ie micro usb in, with the Akso in Host mode with the caveat; I am powering the Axo via a 9v wallwart, so I am not relying on the computer to provide the Axo with power.

there is some more info on what works and what does not in this thread Host port USB keyboards

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Finally, some good news! AKAI LPD8 WORKS!!!

Thanks for the link i was searching midi didnt search USB!!!

Yeah, being able to control it externally is super important. As soon as it arrives my plan is to try and control it with Eurorack MIDI controllers such as Befaco VCMC, Befaco CV Thing, SDS Digital Melisma, and Teletype (via an i2c to MIDI translation by a device called Hans). The first two have USB outputs. I also want to try controllers such as MIDI Fighter, MIDI Twister, Axis 49, and Timefrog.

Let’s hope it responds well to MIDI sources. Will report back, thanks for compiling a list.

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I tested my Linnstrument with akso and it seems to work correctly until I use 4 or more voices in a polyphonic expression subpatch. Unsure whether or not that is an issue with the usb cable (I should be getting a real usb c to b cable soon to test) or some bug deeper in akso.

Akai APC Mini - works
Korg PadKontrol - Fails (nothing is received, even when powered externally)
Novation Zero SL Mkii -Needs to be on and powered externally before connecting the akso

Sending midi from akso over usb does not work though.

Good news here, I can confirm that my Akso is receiving midi clock and transport from my iMac Pro (OS X Catalina) over USB :slight_smile: