Availability of akso & axoloti core

I’ve seen that both microcontrollers are listed as sold out and I was wondering if there is information on the upcoming availability of either?
I am planning to use these in my bachelor thesis and being able to familiarise myself with the boards beforehand would be great!
Thank you.

I wish it seemed like either would ever return.

I’m working on a similar project that should be more broadly applicable, but who knows when it will even be testable, never mind good. You can follow along if you like with the updates about Liberation Technology at my Patreon, https://Patreon.com/Joshua , where I do all sorts of science fiction stuff including music.

I’m working in CircuitPython to do the stuff I want to do at the moment, too.

Just putting a note here in hopes of hearing about the return of availability one day.

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Feelin them feels. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯