Can I pre-order?

I am a user of axoloti.

I first learned about the existence of Akso.

I definitely want to buy Akso.

I want to know the shipping schedule.

Can I pre-order?

As far as I know right now Akso is a dead project and there is no sign that it is ever going to be available again, I think your best chance would be to find a second hand one.

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Thank you for your reply.
What a sad news. I am very disappointed.

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I have one that is like brand new. I plugged it when I received it and didn’t use it since. Message me your offer if interested. I’m in Canada.

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I’m about to start doing a video series on the Daisy, programmed with PlugData! It’s very similar to what our hopes were for Akso.

Subscribe so you know when I have it up!

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Thank you for the message.

I want to tell you what I am thinking now.

When I was looking for an Axoloti core board, I found out about Akso and thought it was the next generation of Axoloti core boards. But how is it actually? Is Akso fully compatible? Looking over the forum, I’m worried about the possibility that Akso will spread in the future. Now I will wait a little longer for the situation.

Given the chip shortage situation, I doubt we will see new Akso dev in the near future. I’ve tried Akso only to make sure it was a working unit. I had used Axoloti for a few years before my unit went dead. I immediately order an Akso but by the time I received it, I had substitute de Axo with other units. So my Akso stand on the shelf doing nothing…

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There are a few incompatibilities, but the problem is that development on both boards has stopped. Akso is better in many respects but I don’t think there are going to be more of them, or of Axoloti.

I’m also finding that the toolchain for Pd2Dsy is a total pain in the ass. So at the current moment, there’s basically nothing in this niche.

So make your one-off thing with the board you can get. By the time it’s done, maybe Pd2Dsy will be in big boy pants.

Hey, you want to sell it? I’ve got a project I want to do and I don’t have another board onhand.

I’m almost dissatisfied with the specs of the Axoloti core. That’s why I was interested in Akso.
However, considering the current situation, I decided to wait for a while. Until the world calms down.

Yes I would let it go. You can write me in private.

@kx3 did you end up selling your board?