Can't Connect to Board

I just received a secondhand Akso board and it seems to have an issue. Patcher install went without errors, but when I connect the board I get the expected red/green flashing, then solid green, then rapid flashing green, then it goes out. After that it just keeps repeating the same sequence.

I tried booting in DFU mode and running rescue flash and that seems to complete as well (patcher says flashing complete, but then nothing else happens) but if I unplug and replug I get the same led connect/disconnect as before.

Anyone see anything like this before? Assuming @nsm is really the only one who can diagnose at this point, but…

Previous owner did some soldering, this is possibly the culprit?

Those don’t look to be shorted, at least from this side. Are there any solder bridges on the other side?

Nope, no bridges on the other side. I was mostly wondering about the browned/burn marks over the tiny traces on the long side of the board.

Yup. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yikes, I hope you can salvage it, that looks gruesome

I talked to the person I bought it from and apparently that soldering was done right when they got the board, and afterwards the board still worked fine. Maybe it just got knocked about too much in shipping or something.

Maybe this can help you retrace the broken tracts?

I strongly suggest starting by cleaning up the solder with solder wick. Good chance this isn’t as bad as it looks.

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Have you tried using a different cable? This sounds like a problem I was having with a bad USB C cable.

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That’s my plan, even if it seems it wasn’t an issue for the person I got it from.

My computer doesn’t have usb-c, so I ordered a 2 pk of adapters. Tried both of those, and direct usb-c on my wife’s laptop. All the same. Good thought though!

I made an attempt to clean up those board connections, and while they look better than they did, it didn’t help and the issue persists. Oh well.