Constant reboots after quick green led burst

Hey there,
I just solved a problem I was having on the Akso, and since I didn´t find anything either here or on the Axoloti forum I thought I should share it in case someone is in the same situation in the future.
I have a patch that was working just fine when I put it in “live” mode, but when I uploaded it to internal flash the Akso started rebooting and doing nothing else.
The leds just did what they do when you boot it, but right after that the green led did a quick burst and then the akso rebooted. In a loop.
I tried reflashing the firmware but it kept doing the same.
So what I did was (close Akso app first):
1- Go to the Akso app folder and open “axoloti.prefs”
2- In the sixth row, change “Expert mode” to “true”, and save the file.
3- Open the app
4- Create a new blank patch
5- Under “Patch” select “Generate and Compile code”
6- Go back to Akso folder and copy xpatch.sdram.bin (it´s in the “build” folder) into an SD Card.
7- Change the name of the copied file to start.bin
8- Insert the SD Card into the Akso and give it power.

This way my akso stopped rebooting.
I don´t know if what I did is exactly what I meant to do, which is putting a blank patch into the sd card as init patch, but it worked so there´s that :slight_smile:


What about the patch? Did you end up making it work? I have the same issue.

I ended up resolving the issue of the constant reboot:

I was using an object (jho/filter/para) that uses include inside a custom subpatch (saved as object).
It was OK in Live mode but constantly rebooted in standalone mode. I’ve pulled out the object and now it works.

I had reboots as well but I thought it was a power issue. Good to know it can be solved. I will try both approaches.