Do both buttons work?

My Akso arrived yesterday.
I made a simple patch using Button1 and Button2 objects, into Boolean displays.
Button 1 works, display is lit when button is pushed,dark when button is released.
Button 2, display is lit, and pressing button has no effect.

The same patch works correctly on Axoloti.

So, I’m wondering, is the switch defective, or is there a problem in the mapping or setup of button2 port/pin?

Hey @tele_player. This is a known software issue with the pin that Button 2 is attached to. There’s a subtle difference with how the H7 handles the OTG ID functionality that happens to share that pin causing it to get pulled high. A temporary workaround is to add a pulldown resistor between PA10 and GND. Something in the range of 4.7k to 10k will work. This will pull the pin low normally. The switch pulls the pin high to V.

You can also verify that your switch is working with power off. Use a multimeter continuity function to check that when the switch is closed PA10 is connected to V.

It’s something that we should be able to fix in software in a future firmware release. It just didn’t manage to make the cut for the initial release.

Opened a ticket so I remember to fix this:

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Cool. It’s not something I need, or have ever used. I was just trying things.