General Status Update

  • I moved from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh. I’m still dealing with getting settled here. That has been eating up some of my time. If you are around this area, I’d love to meet you.
  • A batch of 100 boards is on its way to me now. When all outstanding orders are filled, I will adjust the site to indicate how many are in stock for immediate shipping.
  • A 3.0.2 patch release is in development. I’ve fixed several of the known issues there already, but I’d like to get several other fixes in before release. There are no plans for new features or big changes in 3.0.2. It will be a bugfix release only. At release time, I will synchronize with Axoloti’s object repositories as much as possible so we pull in all compatible changes. We still need a more general strategy for Akso/Axoloti object compatibility and Akso community library contribution.
  • We need a better international shipping strategy. My current post-based method has been very hit or miss. See this thread: How can we dealing with shipping in a better way?

Isn’t that Prince to Christina Aguilera…wait, no ,phew Art Blakey…that was close Nic you coulda lost yer damn mind…glad things are finally settling down for you, awesome news about the patch release …Thanks again for all thge hard graft

I’d say “…to Pittsburgh Modular”, but chaque un à son goût!

you win in alliteration, and avoiding the 'tina …Jeez AC you wins all round

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Prince to Mr. Rogers.


Hats off to you Nic for getting all of this done and MOVING your entire existence during a pandemic, good luck out there in Pitts, drink you a few brews

Thanks @reubenfinger. I’m kind of a minimalist so it wasn’t too bad but still annoying. 13 hour drive or so. I’m still living out of a hotel at the moment, ha ha. And hanging out at my new office. Getting into a real place on Tuesday.

Another exciting development: I’m going to have access to a pick and place machine at my new office. I also have access to much better lab equipment. I think the ultimate way forward to keep efficiency up and price down will be to do assembly on Akso and future boards completely locally on my own equipment but still have the actual boards made elsewhere, probably still at JLC.


What an incredible opportunity!

is there any chance to find an European distributor for the AKSO?

I now have an apartment. I also have the 100 additional boards in hand. As soon as the backlog is resolved, I’ll reopen the order page with an indication of stock and lead time.