Has Shipping Started Yet?

I’m sure you’re already being bugged about this but I wondered if units have been shipped?


Hey @neilbaldwin. I sent out an update email this weekend, but you might not be on that list yet.

Shipping has just started. I’m not sure where you are in the queue off the top of my head, but keep an eye out for a tracking link via email. Additional details will drop shortly about software installation and so on as well.

Appreciate your patience!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Didn’t get the email, but i imagine i’m at the end of the list, as i’ve bought Akso on the 8th of august.

On the 15. July paid, no shipping email yet.

I also purchased on Aug 10. Have received no email communication.

I ordered on July 14. Today is August 21, I haven’t received shipping email yet.

Has anybody received an Akso?

i don’t think so. but @nsm wrote an email update on august 13. saying he is behind schedule… so let’s hope he is not too far behind and the waiting will be over in a few days/weeks. let’s also not panic here, this things seems legit and real.

this answer of course seems to indicate shipping has started. but i suspect it is one of those “i will do it tomorrow” kind of things and life gets into the way. so i would not be too surprised if no units have been sent out as of yet.

Hey @lokki. Appreciate the calming words here. I’ve had a bit of life stuff that unfortunately stacked up right as I was trying to make the final push, mainly a few things related to some other projects to pay the bills that are also competing for my time and preparing to move to a different city. Akso by itself is not going to be enough to survive at this scale; it’s not my only project. I’ve been putting in extreme hours trying to juggle things to hurry this along.

Of course I am happy to give a full refund if you’re uncomfortable with the delay. Just email me, and I’ll issue it right away.

I am as disappointed about the delay as anyone, probably more disappointed. I set an overly aggressive deadline that basically assumed that nothing would get in the way.

As always, I really appreciate everyone’s support and patience. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or concerns.


life is hard! especially during a pandemic :upside_down_face: the wait will be def be worth it, and i appreciate all the work you are putting in to make this weird fun sound tool.

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Heads up from me also regarding the delay.
Take your time my fren.
It is very important that you enjoy your work on the Akso, rather than stressing out.
I am very happy that you made this pimped out Axo-version.
It will allow me to take my project to the next level!
I waited very long hoping sb. would do this.

btw, how can I get on the info-mailing-list?

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Are there any updates yet, should I have received a shipping confirmation email?

got nothing after shipping status update mail 3 weeks ago.
i hope, there would be ETA at least.

Hey, everyone, Nick is one guy trying to do a hard thing. We all want our boards, but he’s literally hand assembling shit while starting a new job.

I, for one, am cutting him a whole lot of slack.


Hey @JoshuaACNewman. I’ve now got people emailing me demanding boards and parts to do assembly themselves. Ha ha ha. Believe me, you do not want to do that.

Let me clarify: in the current process the board comes about 90% assembled to me. That remaining 10% plus test I currently have to do manually, but it will be automated away eventually.


Apologies @nsm. I don’t want a refund either, I will simply wait.
I don’t want you to stress out or regret pushing the project in the first place.

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The AKSO really worth the wait, I’ll be happy if I can have it for Christmas!
Keep up the good work Nick!

Received shipping notice email last night. Looking forward to trying Akso!


Guys full support from my side too ! :metal:. To be honest I sold my old axoloti and got this one around July :joy: but really , cant compare me waiting in my room with the hassle of hacking the axoloti core and building up from there into a bigger/better on my own , + the guy who got the axo was really excited too

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