Has Shipping Started Yet?

@tele_player That’s great to hear, please let us know when you’ve received it!

Received my Akso in today’s mail.

Update: Patcher install uneventful on Mac OS 10.14.6. Akso running some community patches ok. One example (axoloti-contrib/patches/cpwitz/generative/generatusrex.axp) runs at 16% CPU on Akso, 37% on Axoloti. Excellent.



Ordered mine on 14th of July.
I’m very patient but I think, now it should be really the time to ship the thing.


Hey @Korb. Your order shipped about a day ago. The tracking link went to your m_korb address.

I was curious about what is expensive in generatusrex.axp. If you cut the fancy reverb, CPU drops to about 10%. In general, speed up is going to vary depending on exactly what operations are in use. It’s likely that certain operations can be optimized for the H7 much more than they are now. The bump from 37% to 16% is good, but I see that as a starting point. It would be nice to get more data on this from users over time, like if certain objects or patches seem to be much cheaper or about the same and so on.

Some operations are going to have some inherent speed limitations like sdcard IO for example.

Edit: you can shave off a percentage point or so by using delay/write inside of fancyreverb instead of delay/write sdram. This sticks those delay lines in core-coupled CCMSRAM instead of SDRAM.

Shame on me, you are right. I haven’t seen the mail. :grinning:

I’m using mine to very excidedly work on a tutorial series!

Might have to get another so I’ve got one as a prototype platform and tutorial vids and another to build into an instrument at the same time!

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Hey there! I also ordered the 14th. Any news on the shipping?

Hi Simon, I know that a few people from the States have received them Tele_Player, JoshuaACNewman and Mr Bien I think, but I am unsure if any have made it across the water yet to UK/Europe, I ordered same day as you and am in Nottingham.

I know that Nicolas has lots going on at the moment, Day Job, moving to another city as well as Akso and his other projects, so they are trickling out a lot more slowly that he had anticipated…Korb above had his order shipped in the last three days and he ordered same time as we did, no idea where in the world he is though, or if that is even a contributing factor, but hopefully that means we’re not too far down that line.

Hey there, thanks for your answer. Yes I have been actively following the process of this project, I’m aware that Nick is very busy and I am apreciating his effort very much and I am willing to be patient, but it’s a bit hard to stay patient when you see the boards going out. My head seems to explode with Ideas I wanna do with this board :exploding_head::upside_down_face:
Let’s hope our boards start shipping soon :innocent:

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Mmmmh can’t see any update status for my order… Though I ordered in july too…?

“Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.”

Believe or not, I’m human. I fell into the perennial trap of having totally unrealistic timeline expectations. I took a risk and fell on my face. I’m learning a tough lesson out in public view.

All I can do is laugh at myself, try to learn and hope you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I guess the lesson here is: take risks. The upside is worth it. The worst that can happen is that you look stupid in public which is only a problem if you make it one.

One of the biggest single reasons for the delay (among many) is this: I got a job offer right around the time of going live with Akso. I was nearly broke at the time. I had basically no choice but to accept. It will be good for the project in the long run even if that seems counter-intuitive. I’m in a better position now, like mentally and in terms of being able to survive financially. Ha!

The next step is getting to fully automated ondemand hardware production where I’m not involved in that flow at all. Click order button -> ship from fabrication. Even though it’s small by percentage (maybe 10%), the manual labor involved right now is clearly not sustainable. It’s just within the realm of being possible to get working boards out. But it’s absolutely excruciating work.

If we get to a place where hardware production is automated completely, I’ll have much more free time to enhance the software.


I think your lessons are the best ones! But I’ve been involved in a large number of independent projects as manager, creator, publisher, and even the occasional customer/fan/supporter, and this is not what falling on your face looks like.

This is what success looks like: nothing goes as you want and you flex and adapt. The things you knew were going to be problems, you’ve solved. The things you didn’t know about, you couldn’t have solved and have to run in directions you didn’t expect to have to run in. Things you thought you understood intellectually you hadn’t internalized. Things you’d internalized, you took for granted.

And then you made your creative thing and it’s real.


I just wanted to add my two cents. To me July to September turn around for what is basically a one man operation seems totally realistic and impressive!

In the mechanical keyboard group buy world, wait times can be anywhere from 6 months to over a year, for projects to get manufactured and shipped out. I just ordered two units and am incredibly excited to try them out! Thanks for everything you’ve done to make this project a reality.


@DaaavyLazerClaw Glad you could join us! I’m sort of an entry-level mech key enthusiast. The Topre Realforce 55g has been my goto for a few years. Cue people claiming that it’s over-hyped rubber dome. New thread here: Mechanical Keyboards. Discuss

Mine arrived today. i hope i’ll find some time in the next days to play with it. Thanks @nsm

Maybe someone is interested in, I took 14 days to Germany. Luckily the customs had no interest , so I paid no taxes :grinning:


@Korb Very good data. I’ve had trouble with things not getting through German customs in the past. I think it might make sense to offer an express option in the future as well, probably DHL instead of standard post, so we can cut down shipping time to the EU.

Waiting mine in Berlin, good to know that it went smooth @Korb

I can’t stand the anticipation any more, my tracking says it arrived in Frankfurt on the 3rd, so five days ago. That is pretty close to final, I wonder why it has been stuck there for so long (mabe customs after all?). I got this week off so it would be a perfect time for it to arrive as I have time to play.

I have every other part ready - the DIN Midi breakout and the USB-C adapter cables.

I also ordered two DIY Axoctrl kits from hohum labs (the ones that come with an OLED screen).
My first Axoloti is a sample-based groovebox. I want to expand on it with the Akso having more sample RAM, additional synths and effects, maybe a looper. Now tinkering with FM. It’s the best music machine I ever had already. The Axoloti patch is heavily touching the SRAM boundaries however even though I have many more features planned for the sequencer code.

I am excited. I vaguely remember a report that the OLED or the related code was not working straight with the Akso so I will look up that thread again now.

Awesome times.

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@ivofx Excited to have another person with hardware in hand. There are a handful of known issues, mostly software things that are reasonably easy to fix. Keep an eye on on the GitHub issue pages (and please log bugs as you find them!). Linked here: I think I found a bug. What should I do?

The OLED issue is actually not specific to OLED functionality at all; it has to do with an aspect of module loading that was left disabled in the current release. The fix is straightforward I just haven’t had a chance to take care of it yet.