Has Shipping Started Yet?

i got my hardware a couple of days ago. initial tests (in a train) worked flawlessly with factory objects. great! patch compiling does take considerably more time, as @tele_player stated already. more tests will follow when i am at home again…
unfortunately my two boards got the full custom treat :slight_smile: 55$ extra :frowning:

@lokki Great to hear! Good to get another confirmation on the “feel” of the compilation time. We’ll get that taken care of. The patches I’ve tested most are likely simple enough that compilation wasn’t feeling obviously slow to me. Can you log some examples of more complex patches that feel like they are compiling slowly over here: https://github.com/zrna-research/akso/issues/7 ? Please log anything else you find as well in the GitHub Issue sections.

@nsm will do!

what is the plan with contrib objects from the axoloti library? do you plan to merge them once a month or so? i guess for the foreseeable future there will still be more new objects on the axoloti contrib section than here…would be nice to get them included.

@lokki I’m completely open to suggestions for management of the community library. At present, there’s simply a fork of both the factory and community libraries specific to Akso (see links here I think I found a bug. What should I do?). Let’s start another thread to discuss those details.

Woohoo Akso just arrived in Nottingham UK this morning (had to pay £22.75 customs charge for a single Akso).

Very Excited. I concur about compiling feeling longer, just loaded up a patch to use with my digitakt with 8 factotums and a Slow Growth reverb each with 21sec and a morphing filter 75% cpu and 55.8% sdram use…half assed octatrack here I come.

Had to use a usb C cable to my usb C macbook pro, as using a micro usb cable with usc C adaptor into my older usb 2.0 macbook pro didn’t even power on the akso. Have ordered some USB A to C cables and will report back when they come.

Thanks again Nic this is Awesome

update: got one of my usb micro to usb c adaptors to work on my older Macbook Pro. Plug in the usb cable and adaptor into Akso first, then plug into the macbook, when it powers on, then plug in your usb host controller…worked for me, may make a difference for someone else

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hehe, every time this thread gets bumped, i’m checking my email :slight_smile: tho i imagine august orders hasn’t even started shipping yet?

@mcnys I poked them because I had ordered july 15th and heard nothing about shipping. The very next day I got a shipping notification email! perhaps just my luck.

I’d love to see this Akso group grow. I’m very excited to be fiddling and patching.

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adnauseam - do you mind if I ask when yours arrived? I paid on the 15th July also… but tbh Im not in a mad scramble to get going. Just interested.


I’m so happy to see new cats showing up! I’m working hard on the second tutorial video, talking about using CV in to adjust parameters, as well as talking about how to use potentiometers, since they’re related concepts.

I’ll announce it here, of course, but you can also subscribe (and hit the little bell so you know) at my channel!


Hey @adnauseam. This thing is unfortunately just me at the moment in terms of engineering and production. There is no them plural. Ha! Feel free to direct message me here on the forum if you need anything.

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I ordered July 16th, got a tracking number this morning…
Looking forward to do some patching!

Got my tracking number yesterday too !
Lets see how long it takes to flight across the ocean , but I guess just in time for the midi breakout and adapter to arrive .

Got it in the mailbox just now! I was worried because the tracking seemed to have stopped in Frankfurt about two weeks ago. It still does not show that the item was delivered now. I have to pay 12.18 Euros to customs yet.

I quicky installed the patcher app on my windows machine (only using that for work, I prefer Linux normally). All seems to be good and working, I hear sound and I see midi events coming in.
Will play + test more during the weekend.



Thanks a bunch! I’m very appreciative of this project and the work you guys are putting in. It’s quite a pleasant surprise to hear the Akso’s are on their way!

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Nice . Kind of a relief for me then . The tracking page says that is in Frankfurt since 20th of October for me and I didn’t get any update . But I guess is normal then :metal:

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It took a week or something for the tracking number to register that it was delivered. I’m in the US.

living in cologne/germany.
received shipping notification on sept 30.
oct 12 the usps tracking site read" DELIVERED TO POSTAL AGENT .
oct 20 a dhl agent rang my bell and handed it to me, collecting 18 euros import tax.
usps tracking is still on the notification of oct 12, but i don´t care :slight_smile:
today i finally found the time to make a first test and found out: well worth the wait. :-))

Hooray! When you build something, post about it in #workbench!

I have the same DELIVERED TO POSTAL AGENT in Frankfurt message since the 14th. Somehow I’m getting a bit worried, since it’s two weeks already and I haven’t heard anything. I was also away for a couple of days, so I am wondering what would happen If i missed the DHL guy.

They just dropped in the mail with a paper asking to pay to customs?

@Blindsmyth I’m going to DM you so we can discuss a workaround.