Has Shipping Started Yet?

@Blindsmyth Yes, a customs-tax letter was attached to the envelope. I would give it another week, your case sounds very similar to mine.

hey and yesss you are HERE!

…I got exactly the same message at the ‘ups tracking’ - site,
then all of the sudden, I received my akso yesterday.
but I had to pay 18 euros tax (zwinkersmiley)
cheers R

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Hey robert yes you too here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good to hear your akso arrived. was it the same procedure with dhl guy at the door and paying the tax directly?

yep.in cash.18.03 euro to be precise, 12.18 is VAT (MwSt), 5.04 is some so called ‘auslagenpauschale’
(however that translates) that DHL feels free to charge :grinning:
if you run a business based on making noise (as we do,right?),we’ll get the 12 euros VAT refunded anyway…

ok good to know. I am Kleinunternehmer, so no VAT refund for me :wink:

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got a shipping notification by nicolas today for the second unit i had ordered july14. (its for a colleague at school where we both teach). now lets see, how long the race to cologne takes this time around.

I got mine today (ordered in July)! 46 Euros taxes! 24 of which were “processing fee”
I’m in Belgium by the way.
anyway if assembly can be done fully automated, maybe a better solution exists…
This hurt a bit, I was aware of the possible taxes but its a bit much

Yikes that’s almost double the customs tax I paid, that’s more than half an Akso, commiserations that’s harsh

Still waiting here in Berlin . Have the same issue " DELIVERED TO POSTAL AGENT in Frankfurt since 20th morning . No notification in my post or anything .

hi there,
I’d love to know if it’s possibile to order an AKSO,
on the page here https://zrna.org/akso it says orders are open,
while on the hardware shops it says

Availability: sold out. Currently restocking. Order now to reserve or check back for availability.


@broccoli Nic just posted this post! General Status Update

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October 31, 2020: DELIVERED TO POSTAL AGENT** Frankfurt, DE
November 11, 2020: DELIVERED (cologne/germany)
customs was a whopping 7 eurocents cheaper this time :grinning:

My Akso is still in Frankfrut appartently . 1 month passed already , And I bought it in july … This is starting to feel funny, also no news from the maker

Same except I ordered in August. Would really appreciate more active communication on the status.

yeah, I paid on 03.08.2020, but there was no order confirmation, because no e-mail was asked at the check out, so I have no idea about the status of the order. how did you guys get the tracking info?
I don’t want to stress you at all @nsm - I waited a few months and would continue to wait, but I’d like at least to know what is up with my order.

That’s weird because I have a receipt in my email.

I apologize for the lack of communication. I’ve been dealing with having to relocate for my day job, getting settled in a new city and so on. That has been stressful. I have no plan to ever give up on this project; if you’re ever curious about status or future developments, just contact me directly or write here on the forum. I have about 110 boards or so in stock right now. I just need to work through resolving the backlog.

I really appreciate your patience. This has been a real grind for me to get as far as we are completely solo. As always, if you have an open order and would rather be refunded, please notify me, and I will issue a refund immediately.

We also really need more active developers that understand the system deeply. One of my day job colleagues is experienced in embedded stuff, and I’m working on getting him involved. If you are remotely interested in contributing to the code, or really any part of the project, I could use your help. European distribution is another area I need help with.

Going forward manufacturing will take place mostly on a company PNP machine; only the boards themselves will be made overseas.


Another Axoloti user come over to the dark side! :smiling_imp:

Just placed my order. Trying to come up to speed on this development. Quick question (because I haven’t read through a ton of threads yet): Does Akso connect to the existing Axoloti patch SDE (Axoloti.exe) or is there an updated version I need to install to work with my Akso board? Totally stoked that with this new board! Cheers!

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Welcome @odourboy!

Akso runs its own distribution of the patcher and firmware. See the quickstart guide for more. This is mainly to try to simplify debugging and avoid confusion in the short term. We could technically make the Akso patcher talk to the original Axoloti hardware without much trouble, but there are much higher priority items I need to take care of first. If someone wants to do that, I’d love to merge it in; I can give you guidance on how it would be done.


‘European distribution is another area I need help with.’

I was going to suggest Thonk in the UK but with Brexit about to rapidly come crashing down on the UK I guess that is not an option.

Im in Ireland - could I help?

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