Has Shipping Started Yet?

@Spqr2005 Refund is on the way. It will take a day or so to reach your account.

I’m wondering if there’s an estimated delivery date for an order I passed the last month.

I know Nic is working out a new manufacturing workflow, but don’t know where he’s at.

If it helps, I am waiting on my September order but have seen others’ July and I think August orders have been fulfilled - so things are moving…

Thonk was who I thought of too, great company and very supportive of this kind of project - let’s just hope all this brexit debarcle doesn’t ruin everything :unamused:

@nsm Hi there. After a month without even an email answer I’m kindly and publicly asking for a full refund asap. Thanks! Will try to support the project in the future and will keep following

I ordered an Akso in October but haven’t heard anything about it shipping. My email inquiry about my order wasn’t returned. I’d like to ask @nsm for a refund as well. Perhaps I’ll buy an Akso at a later date when there is a supply in stock.

Just want to reassure those who are waiting that I got my order (the FPAA board) after a while. Everything about the product is highly professional … besides distribution. Clearly the author is a talented engineer, not a sales guy :slight_smile: At the very least he could write on the order page that shipping will take a few months (sort of like Kickstarter etc), just to avoid disappointed customers.

@DrKoma Hi Carlo. I was just catching up on our email exchange. I apologize that that fell through the cracks. It looks like the package ended up stuck in customs in Frankfurt and was probably eventually sent back to me. It’s a challenge for me to deal with that kind of thing. International shipping has been a struggle for me in general. Refund is on the way.

@Frankchannel Refund on the way!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have an unfilled open order and need a refund.

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my order was in August, was it ever shipped? In my country you have to process trough customs by yourself, so it ain’t that big of a problem.

@nsm I would also like to apply for a refund, I’ve sent an email to zrna’s email but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

I ordered an Akso in late July and received it last week. It’s a wait for sure, but very much worth it to support @nsm 's efforts to make this lovely little device accessible in this way if you are able to. I’ve only had a small moment to play around with it, but can already tell its going to be really handy in my studio :slight_smile:

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Update to my situation: my akso was shipped Dec 21 and delivered (to Finland) today! Now to fire it up.


thanks a lot , I received the refund . Will keep an eye on the development and distribution of this little marvel for the future .

Ordered on July 23rd, received it in Spain last week (Jan 5th). I wasn’t requested to pay any additional fees or taxes.
So glad I waited paciently, it was worth it. So far I have tested some patches on it and it works great :slight_smile:


Hi, if I order Akso now, when can I expect shipping? More or less…

Hi I ordered on the 14th. Have send you an email about the triple order. Have not received an answer yet. Looking forward to hear from you. Best, Chris

I ordered on Dec 12th, knowing there would be quite a wait so that’s OK …

A possible solution to all these ‘when will my Akso be shipped’ questions might be to post an updated ‘orders till’ date on the forum, when each shipment happens. Something on the lines of ‘Orders till August 12th have been fulfilled today’ … together with a 1 line project status eg. ‘Waiting for more boards, assembling last batch’.

It would be a great answer to anyone waiting and I think would save lots of to-and-froing :slight_smile:

I am an engineer, software developer and musician so really looking forward to having my own Akso to play with! Great thanks for Nick for what appears to be a super project.


Any updates from people who received their Akso recently?

I have a project for which the Akso would be the perfect fit, (better than the Axo both dimensionally and capability-wise) but seeing that nsm seems to be pretty radio-silent (see that other topic), I don’t have a lot of confidence this is going in the right direction :frowning:

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nope, complete silence. Please get in contact or I need to cancel the purchase as I need some axopower in the summer for a project.

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