How can we dealing with shipping in a better way?

I’m based in the USA. My understanding of the intricacies of EU (and other) taxes and customs declarations and post is very limited. My current post-based method for international shipping is economical but has a couple serious problems: 1. It is slow. 2. It is random.

We can of course use some kind of express shipping (DHL etc.) but from what I’ve seen it is quite a bit more expensive. I don’t think that I can realistically include express shipping and keep the price the same. Is that something that you would elect to pay for if it were available?

I’m open to ideas here. Maybe there’s some reasonable distribution service or partner I could use for better EU availability.

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Would it be to complicated to offer both shipping methods, post and DHL, the later of course more expensive? Personally I would go for DHL if possible and pay some extra…while other users could be more patient.

A distribution partner would be nice…but which one? Maybe ask DragonBox? This guy is around for 10+ years, mostly does linux based mini-PCs.

I understood you’ve (almost) automated production/testing. Would be good to have it fabricated in EU as well. Otherwise we’ll all be stuck with unreasonable customs service fees. I’ve had some good experiences with boards designed in USA, bought on tindie, made and shipped form Shenzen… Don’t know if that is explorable…But I’m sure if process is automated, there are better EU-based options

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Maybe speak to for uk/EU distribution (though Prob next year so we see what shit show brexit brings) - they carry Tom Whitwell’s axocontrol already and are the main UK synth diy site.

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