How do I send CV (control voltage)?

I am trying a few experiments with AKSO and wondering has anyone had any luck figuring out how to send control voltage out through the 3.5mm TRS? I already setup the left output jack for +5/-5v and am hoping to send a simple LFO to my oscilloscope to understand it better but not sure what I connect the LFO output to?


Have you tried sending your LFO out to an audio output object for the left channel to correspond with your trs-config object setup?

I’m guessing that one needs a math/*c in the chain to scale the output appropriately.

I haven’t done this yet myself, still working on my instrument for now and as it’s a sound generator I’ll be mainly interested in the CV inputs rather than the outputs.

Hi Blackhill
tried it no real change. i think there is a problem because of mismatched connectors. red for audio and blue for the voltage?

see any issues here?

Found it! You need to use this object to convert k to s wave:


That would’ve frustrated me to no end. Thanks for pointing your finding out :smiley:
I’ll give it a try on mine.

I haven’t done a tutorial yet on sending CV, but if I recall the process is analogous to receiving.

@JoshuaACNewman joshua, could you please try out, if you also see the reversed cv out issue that i described in this post: 5V CV - will Akso be good in modular setups? - #30 by hwk
i´d be curious if its only me…
thanks in advance!

It’s not only you. I tried it here, and got similar results to yours.

thanks for confirming, tele_player! funny, ain´t it?
now wondering if its a firmware or a hardware thing.
as i wrote, one can easily work around it, but it would be good to document it somewhere.

Sounds like a firmware bug to me.