How do I use a patch bank?

I am trying to setup multiple patches on my Akso using a patch bank and need help!

Thus far I have done the following:

  • Made a simple object that advances the patch bank index when button1 is pressed, which I am including in all my patches (based on johannes’ controller/cycle buttons object)
  • Created a patch bank index including all patches, uploaded to the SD card
  • Uploaded all the patches to the SD card

By doing this exactly nothing happens :slight_smile:

I tried uploading the first patch in the patch bank as startup on the SD card, but by doing that my Akso gets stuck in a loop where it reboots immediately after starting up, I’m not sure if it’s something wrong I’m doing with the patch (it works in Live mode), or if there’s something else I’m missing.

Thankful for any input!

I always found patch bank to be confusing.

I haven’t tried it on Akso yet, but on Axoloti I used Matt’s (MattilynMattroe) solution for patch changes, it basically uses a patch/load fn object to choose a patch from within a patch. So you have a patch at startup that contains a string mux that loads the patch applicable to that string (ie patch name) in my case I select a patch with a rotary encoder which displays the patch name on oled, but you can implement it how you see fit…it’s untested on Akso but here’s a thread where it is discussed with examples/patches

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I am doing this on axoloti right now.

-First be sure to have the controller object enabled before you make any of those patches. Otherwise open them up again and take them live at least once and save.

-Create a patch bank, add all your patches to it. Hit Upload bank table, wait for it to finish (look at the console)

-select each of the patches in the window and hit Upload (bottom right button) after that all patches should be on the sdcard.

-upload an empty patch as startup from sdcard from the standard editor menu. again make sure the controller object is still enabled.

Works for me every time.


The top right button (upload patch bank) should upload all patches at once, but I found it to be unreliable from time to time, so better upload one by one

Uploading your patches manually (not from the patch bank window) will not work…

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