How to get an Akso?

Hi Everyone!

I just ordered an axoloti and before it even arrived I found the Akso. I have a specific project in mind and I fear it will be too resource heavy for the axoloti.

I saw on the website it says it is out of stock but I’m super keen to get hold of one. I read some other posts on the forum and I didn’t want to bother @nsm directly as it sounds like he is very busy!

Anyone got a spare or know when they will be available again?

Thanks so much!

Hey @SuuBro. Really glad you could join us!

There’s no quick shortcut here unfortunately! I wish I had a better answer. I’m going to hold off changing the status on the website back until I have a very clear improvement in the manufacturing process that allows me to generally have stock for next business day shipping.

The first step is catching up on the outstanding orders (note: if you have placed an order and would prefer to reorder when the production process improvements are in place, please contact me, and I’ll give you a refund immediately).

At the moment, I don’t have a specific timeline for when this transition will occur. I would like it to occur as soon as possible obviously.

The upside of this: many of the people in this early user group are highly experienced Axoloti users. They’ve logged more hours making complex projects than I have; I’ve spent more time thinking about how the system works than actually applying it in practice. This makes them ideal for ensuring that we can find and eliminate issues and that everything in the new system is working smoothly. By the time we’re able to scale up more, we’ll have a chance to address some of the issues that come up and optimize.

Thanks for the quick reply @nsm, I appreciate your position, it makes sense!

If you end up with any unsold/spare please consider me, I don’t mind paying full price for a working second hand board!

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