How to reserve?

I’m on the order page where it says:

Availability: sold out. Currently restocking. Order now to reserve or check back for availability.

With any quantity, the Check Out button isn’t working for me. Tried different browsers, different machines, etc. - same behavior.

It is not possible to reserve Aksos at the moment?

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It seems not. Nic has vanished. Every so often someone gets their board, but he designed them with too much hand work to be done and at last check-in wasn’t doing great.

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Oh yeah, it looks like he hasn’t posted since May 25 and no real activity on Github either.

I understand how overwhelming sole proprietorships can be, and especially the last 20 months, so nothing but compassion and if you read this Nic, I hope you can figure out a better balance for yourself. This is a really outstanding project, tbh I’d probably pay twice the going rate for something reliable.

With the Axoloti Core being dead, what other options are there for hardware w/patching backends? I’m aware of the C&G Organelle and pd, and I know Mod Devices are promising a solution where you build modules in Max - are there others?

I’m working on something but it’s a long way off. The intention is to have a highly accessible patcher/voice front end, composing CircuitPython as a middle layer, eventually including C* back end programming.

The intention is to foster mentorship with its communities, starting with creative communities, including electronic instrument creators, but also cosplayers, mechanical keyboardlers, DIY IoT folks, etc. Each community is intended to have its own dialect of the front end tuned to its needs but in no way incompatible with other dialects.

A big, important part of it is that it’s Open Source, designed to work with many microcontrollers. If someone builds one with amps and CV, it’s a matter of a board description file. Our initial experiments are with a Raspberry Pi 2400 because it’s accessible, but the hope is that we can piggyback on Circuit Python, which piggbacks on Micropython, which means that the project should gain interoperability along with them.

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