I think I found a bug. What should I do?

Akso and Axoloti before it are complex systems. There are many, many parts of the system that need to work together in harmony for things to work at all, both hardware and software. Being a user-programmable system, there are many types of issues that can arise.

We use the GitHub issue system to track all bugs, issues and enhancement requests. Please take a look at the open issues and open a new one if your issue is not already logged. If there is a duplicate, please add additional information about your specific situation to the open Issue.

If it seems obvious that your issue is related to a particular community object, open a ticket here: https://github.com/zrna-research/akso-community/issues

If instead the issue is in a factory object, open a ticket here:

If the issue is in the User Interface, Firmware, Hardware or not obviously related to anything I’ve just mentioned, open a ticket here: https://github.com/zrna-research/akso/issues

Enhancement requests should go here as well.

Your issue should include as much information as possible about how to reproduce the behavior: compilation logs, example code, test patches, information about your host machine, exactly how the hardware is connected and so on. The more focused this information is the better. If for example you have a large patch that produces an error, create the smallest example you can that produces the same error and submit that instead.

Even if you are unsure if the issue you’re seeing is actually a bug or not, open an Issue on Github. That is the ideal place for me to keep track of open issues. The forum should be for more general discussion.

At the moment, I’m the only person maintaining the software. We need more capable contributors. We need more people testing the system and using it day to day. If you’d like to get involved, please message me directly, and I’ll help get you started. Even if you only have a bit of development experience we can find tasks that are appropriate for your level.

I also need help with management of the community library; please message me if that interests you.