I think I have a hardware workmanship issue. How should I proceed?

The current Akso hardware production process is unfortunately not fully automated. There is some manual assembly and test I must do manually for every board.

Until we can fully automate assembly, we may find issues stemming from my workmanship. It’s normal to find some evidence of manual workmanship in the current batch of hardware.

In general, I test all of the core functionality on each board before shipment. It’s of course possible that I made a mistake.

The other possibility is that hardware could be damaged in shipment somehow.

My policy in general is that if there is an obvious workmanship issue, I will work with you to make it right.

If you suspect that you have found a workmanship issue, I’d like to work with you directly to debug. The first requirement is having a multimeter with a continuity tester. Until we have an official debug procedure document, please message me directly, and I will walk you through debug and issue resolution steps.


I’ll take a look when mine arrives. I’ve done a fair amount of PCB design/SMT hand assembly and the home bench is well equipped.

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