I want MIDI DIN now. What do I do?

I have confirmed that a standard USB-MIDI adapter works out of the box in the current firmware. No software update is needed. Here is the exact one that I tested if you want to pick it up:

Here is the exact USB-C to A adapter I tested with. Any reasonable one should be fine.


I got these at Amazon, they’ve worked with 3 different USB keyboards:

The 2 usb c are kinda close together, i had to sand down the power ‘c’ in order to fit a samsung adapter, so i recommend a dongle if possible.

Just to be on the record here: I do not recommend sanding the USB-C jacks if that’s what you mean; that should be a last resort. They are close, but there’s plenty of space for most cables and adapters. Some adapters and cables are more low-profile than others. It’s best to just make sure that you buy the lowest profile cables and adapters you can.

i don’t recommend it either :wink:
Had to sand the power cable (take off extra rubber) in order for it to squeeze next to a Samsung usb C to female A adapter that has no dongle.
i do recommend that you get a usb C to A adapter that exists as a dongle. especially if you are ordering a new adapter and are waiting to try it all out, or if you are concerned about stressing the Akso boards usb C jacks

going to try this ones myself . They look like more convenient to connect to the akso
USB C Adapter

link is bad is it/was it a dongle

USB DIN breakout
Yes , it looks like the USB - C adapter I bought is not currently available , but thats the midi
breakout I bought . An easy build. Waiting for my akso to try it out

it was kind of this one but cheaper . It more practical for me to have a longer size of cable after the usb-c to avoid wiggling it around all the time , and the bulkiness