Is convolution (reverb / cabinet) possible?

I really like Physical Modeling and I’m hoping that Akso will be a powerful enough testbed to create some PM sounds. Using IRs and Convolution is a very useful method to get bodies of instruments and cut some corners, where possible.

I looked into Axo and it seemed it could pull off some minimal stuff:


I’m curious if more powerful (re longer IR use) is possible with Akso. More of a body/cabinet territory, less of a reverb, but that’s also of interest.

Any opinions, work, directions on where to look?

Not tried on Axo or Akso, but this thread and patch therein shows it’s possible

Acoustic IR

And a recent python script was made available Here For converting wav to tables, most Axo objects/patches work with Akso, so hopefully that is some useful fodder, if something doesn’t work please log it as an issue on github, so when Nic finally resurfaces he can address it.

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