Is LMNTS working on Akso?

I have an Axoloti, and interested in building a standalone synth based on Mutable Elements.
Unfortunately the LMNTS module doesn’t work in some modes due to processing power limitation on the Axoloti. Some modes produce no sound, others break down when playing lower notes.

Can anyone confirm if it is more functional on the Akso? Are all modes functional? In a patch with mostly just MIDI In and LMNTS does it run stable?

I tested lmnts modules both on Axoloti and Akso.
The one that didn’t work on Axo was the fx/lmnts/lmnts (reaching 100%). Works on the Akso reaching 33%.

Great, thanks for verifying that.
I don’t suppose it can manage to run more than one?

That’s surplus to my plans but would be cool… now if only I can find an Akso!

Tested with 2 lmnts modules. Unfortunately reaching 100%.