M1 (Apple Silicon) Macs and Big Sur

Splitting from this thread:

Which explains the problem I’m having trying different patches, especially if MIDI in is involved.

To be honest, I did expect things to work out of the box on my M1 MacBook Air. Partly because I thought the board itself would handle such things. I guess it makes sense, that the host computer (with the patcher) is compiling the code and sends binaries to the Akso.

What steps do we need to take to ensure full compatibility? I’m not a coder (which is part of the reason I enjoy those patching environments). Troubleshooting such issues isn’t my idea of fun. So, I’m mostly hoping that there are enough M1 users in these parts who are able to share the burden…

Something important I’ve discovered: the SD card can interfere in compilation! If you have an SD card and are are having this kind of problem, pop it out and see if you can make it compile again!

I can confirm now. With the AKSO board and the correct patcher software (see Quickstart) that AKSO and the patcher are now running fine with my M1 Mac Mini.

Maybe it was the update to version 3.0.1 that fixed things. Not sure, that has been around a while, so I’m not quite sure why I had this problem.