Midi supported devices

which midi controllers are supposed to work directly with the akso?
I have a intech studio encoder controller, that sits extremely well over the akso, and i’ve programmed it to control my patch, but unfortunately it is not working with it directly :frowning:
right now i’m using it over the rk006 but would be great to extend the support
my 16n faderbank is not working either
is it possible? can it be done?

If it’s working through a (powered?) hub but not directly it sounds like a power issue. Meaning the Intech thing either draws more power than the Akso can supply, or the hardware inside it is not designed to work reliably on low power.

Crap, that sounds dissapointing. I aim to try to control the Akso via a Befaco VCMC but hearing that the 16N doesn’t work seems strange.