Mounting Akso - what's the best practice?

How are you guys mounting your Akso boards? Screws or some snug-on pins?

The holes are obviously too small for usual M3 screws. I tried smaller ones that I believe are M2 size (didn’t measure it though) and they didn’t fit either. What is the actual recommended screw size for Akso?

Yes, I can measure the hole and then go from there, I’m just curious what is the best practice.

I just used the screws on the minijacks through a front plate… Works fine for my Eurorack…
The holes are indeed… Small

Look here for how I did it


Yeah, mini jacks for me too. I measured the holes at one point but don’t remember what they turned out to be.

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Thanks for your replies! I’ll probably go similar route then.

In the meanwhile I’ve found in the leftovers from PC build a tiny screws with spacers … probably from unused SDD mounting kit. Unfortunatelly just 3 of them were in the package but it’s enough for temporary patch development and Akso is not laying plain on the desk.

That’s quite cool looking.

Of course, it weighs next to nothing so plugging it in will make it start rattling around the table again.