Multiple MIDI in

If I understand correctly, @chaocrator is currently using an Axoloti Core to take MIDI IN and then send MIDI OUT to other modules in a particular rack. They would like to have the ability to receive multiple MIDI messages in parallel from other MIDI sources (controllers? Whole other racks?) without using MIDI THRU.

Is that correct?

For MIDI routing, without audio, an Arduino Nano, STM32 Blue Pill, or Teensy LC makes much more sense.

Yeah, I agree. I’m still trying to understand the problem they’re trying to solve.

well, what i’m trying to figure out is whether it’s possible to get more than just one pair of MIDI ports.

i’m agree that other platform might be more suitable for MIDI routing tasks, but using Axo and all the more Akso just for routing would be an overkill anyway.

what i actually do with Axo, and will probably do with Akso when i have it, is complex MIDI processing / generating algorithms built with patcher. they modify (sometimes heavily) incoming events, generate new events, use some of incoming events to control the patch itself, etc etc.

so in case of using other platform, i would have to code all that stuff myself from scratch, which is definitely beyond my skills and beyond my spare time.

so, it would be very nice to have more MIDI ports per board, but if it’s hardly possible, i’ll accept that.

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The main question is this:

Do you need separate ports, as in they have to send totally different data or can you send the same data on all ports and differentiate the destinations by channel? The latter (a midi port repeater) is quite easy to do. It was also the original intent of midi, allowing for 16 channels and hence up to 16 synths to be controlled through one connection

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that’s good news!
i don’t mind sending same data on all ports.

when sending to synths, they will react only to their channels.
when sending to other Axo/Akso board, there’s no problem to filter incoming data, i’ve built dozens of patches relying on exactly that.

PS. Akso with its processing power is very promising because i could also use it as multiFX unit. :+1:

I bought an arduino mega some months ago after finding out that it has four serial ports.
My plan is to build a Midi patchbay by attaching four Midi In/Out sockets, but I did not take the time to follow through yet, need to order the remaining parts.
Could be relevant.

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Teensy 4.1 can do 8, if I’m not misreading the specs. Cheap, small, super fast CPU.

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i saw that 8-port boards for Teensy 4.1 when googled about that all.
8 is kinda overkill for my needs :slight_smile:
but some kind of marriage of Teensy with Axo/Akso would be nice.