Noise generator?

Hello, all. I discovered you guys after watching Hainbach’s stream with Hans Kulk and Bernd Ulmann. The idea of a Python-programmable analog synthesizer/computer is fascinating to me, and I’ll likely pick one up at some point in the near future when I have a bit more disposable income. In the meantime, I’ve been looking through the API documentation, and I realized that I couldn’t find any Python-level objects for anything like a white noise generator or random voltage source. I don’t know enough about analog computing to know whether that would be possible on the hardware, but if it is, how would one go about including something like that within a program? How many resources would it take up?

Hey! I don’t know what the state of Akso is, but I’m working hard with some other folks at developing a Python-hearted dev environment for microcontrollers that will be particularly attractive to synth builders.

You can see some of the early design work under the Liberation Technology tag at!