Old axoloti patch on akso?

im trying to run an older axoloti patch in akso, i get a lot of this error:
the patch has 4 big subpatches inside it, maybe it has something to do with that ?
any clues if there is some easy solution ? or should i just build it from scratch ?

error: ‘class rootc::instancepatcher__3’ has no member named ‘parent’
uint32_t r = ___SMMUL(parent->parent->instanceuusi_i.array[pos>>32]<parent->instanceuusi_i.GAIN,INT32_MAX-(((uint32_t)pos)>>1));

thankss !

Maybe try to make sure the subpatch structure is correct. For example you can see “parent->parent->” in the error message and that looks like there is a subpatch inside a subpatch, try and see if the structure is correct.

If that doesn’t help, maybe Akso uses different code for the subpatch feature? You could simply recreate the subpatch structure (create patch objects and paste the original subpatches’ contents into them)