OLED display on Akso

Hi all,

I wanted to use this OLED display on the Akso: https://www.adafruit.com/product/938
Any idea on how I can achieve that?

Thanks for your help.

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Since Akso is close to Axoloti maybe look in their forums? I think I got almost the some OLED and it was easy to connect…e.g. it was simple to have a scope

It will be one of the first “things” I connect to the Akso when it arrives…


oh, shit yes.This is exactly what I need and I’ve got all the parts!

I don’t think the objects by smashedtransistor work at the current time in aksoland…there was some GitHub issue on it as well, right?

That’s right, it’s not working at the moment

Aw. That’s too bad. I’ll go look at the Git ticket. I’m curious what’s going on with it.


On the topic, it says:

Axo -------------- Display
PB8 connects to SCL
PB9 connects to SDA
VDD connects to VCC
GND connects to GND

I just don’t know what are the equivalent of PB8 and PB9 (both Digital In) in the Akso.
I’ll wait the objet by smashedtransistor to work to connect it though.

I think PB8 and PB9 are marked B8 and B9 on this diagram. They are OUTPUTS, driving clock and data to the I2C display.

Hi @Yot. It looks like this is a pretty straightforward I2C OLED device. It looks like maybe the default Adafruit tutorial for it uses CircuitPython? What we want is a native code driver (C or C++) that talks to the display via one of Akso’s I2C peripherals. On top of that we’ll build a high level object that can accept input signals and drive the display.

This is definitely something that has been done in the past on Axoloti Core, i.e. connecting to and driving small OLED displays. It’s possible that there is something that could be made to work in the community library somewhere. Really what I’d like to see is a generic OLED interface in the factory library that works with arbitrary OLED displays. The existing work done by smashedtransistors may work directly or with some modifications.

If anyone wants to send me peripherals that need drivers, I will write drivers for them.

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I’ll send you a couple. I have this idea about using contextual OLEDs instead of little indicator lights since they’re so cheap now.

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Yeah, i do that on all my newer builds, except for things like tempo LEDs, since the OLED will lag a little…

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Can you share something with us in #workbench ?