Patcher Behaviour, patch/patcher etc

I noticed that in patcher on my macbook pro two finger drag is not implemented, any chance it could be introduced?

In the past with axoloti patcher this behaviour was very useful when cabling large patches as you could press and hold to generate a cable, then if you could not make a connection on the current screen (ie the input was offscreen) you could while holding use the two finger drag to shift the screen view and make the connection. It’s just useful navigating large patches anyway instead of dragging cursor bars.


I notice that you no longer have to press update when using patch/patcher is this to speed up workflow, if so I approve

The two finger drag is in preferences mouse wheel… disable zoom there


Cheers Lokki, that’s awesome, thanks for the help

Good one there thanks !
I must admit that the patcher (I dont know how much it difers from the original axo patcher), it runs much better on my windows laptop . I delete and object now , and it actually deletes it . In axo patcher on windows things use to get funny really quickly