Pico DSP audio development board

Hey, this is adjacent, but interesting. I’ve been thinking a lot for the last couple of years about the ESP32 and audio applications, and this is the first ESP thing I’ve seen that addresses audio as it’s primary use case.

PICO DSP | Crowd Supply

Built in mic, which is curious. Dunno how many people will need that, but I really want to make a device that’s for recording and collecting sounds. Always recording to a 30 second buffer, and you hit a button to record to storage for use later. This could do that, I think.

It doesn’t expose many pins and doesn’t have any inbuilt VC so I’m more curious than excited.

Hey Joshua,

Did you see the kickstarter for the WVR?

Not that I know much anything about the ESP32 but I backed the (EDIT _ Makers Board) dev kit of this and it looks like its coming out fairly soon.

Mmm! Interesting! Thanks!

It’s weird that it concentrates so heavily on samples.

It also doesn’t seem to have an amplifier in it and ESP32 seems to be particularly vulnerable to overcurrent.

Report back when you get yours!


Yeah TBH Im not up to speed with ESP32 so I went for the kit with an amp in the hopes I could get up and running (and learning) asap.

Will of course chime back here once it arrives!

It’s 3v3 logic and really blows a gasket if you feed it more so get some op amps in there if you’re going to feed it 5v CV.

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