Power question: what pin should I use?


I want to source power to drive a small speaker and Li-Ion charging circuit somewhere from AKSO. to me it seems most logic to take it from the USB-C 5V vbus. What pin is that and is it safe to take ±600mA from there? is any pin labeled +5V ok?
I read the main power regulator can deliver 6.5W in total, but not sure if that means I can just take it from any pin.
Also, how to deliver the power back to the akso board from the Li-Ion cells? can I just connect it back to the power pin?

You can bring power in through the 5v pins, but I don’t know how much you can source from them.

That said; the headphone jack is amplified, so you might want to try tapping in there and just seeing if it works for your purposes.

interesting… would it drive an 8Ohm 2W speaker? Or is it safe to try and see how it goes?

I dunno! If you’re nervous, put a potentiometer in line with one side connected to the output and the speaker connected to the wiper, with the third pin unconnected. Then slowly turn it up while sending sound!

If anything is hot, unplug!