Problem with noise when IR proximity sensor conected

I am trying to use a IR proximity sensor and it works but the problem is that it produces a high pitched constant tone. I had the same problem with Axoloti but with Axoloti It is solved when not using USB prowering. The problem with is that AKSO has not implemented external power supply.

Any idea about how to solve this?

I don’t have AKSO, but the FPAA. I thought Nicolas mentioned that AKSO has some external power pins.

In any case, you can just plug your USB cable not directly into AKSO, but into a USB breakout board, those are very small PCBs with female micro USB on one side, and VCC, GND and two data line pins on the other. They power lines are color coded red and black respectively, green and white for data (google will tell you which data line is which).

Then take another USB cable, cut it and connect the data lines to the data pins of the breakout board, and VCC and GND to whatever you want to power the board from. Plug this second cable into the AKSO.

Thanks @maclein for this information. I will try.

I have been making some tests since yesterday and I solved partialy the problem using a USB-C power supply from an audio recorder. I still get the noise from headphones but not from main output line.

The same with an external an power bank.