Problem with SD card

I have just get my Akso and I am trying evething is ok. I can run patches but when I rty to format SD card I get an error message

And even if I go to SD card mode It doesn´t mount.

¿Any idea?


Whoah. You may have just posted something really illuminating! I’m getting exactly the same error, but was seeing it as a compilation problem. It didn’t occur to me to try without the SD card plugged in! I’m gonna try it!

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I was checking Github issues section and and it looks like to be a bug. I hope it could be solved soon.

Mysteriously, after not working three times with no SD card, it’s suddenly working! It connects and runs Live!

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Also loads to the onboard storage and boots properly!

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Since we cannot use SD card. Is there another way to store patches in the meantime this issue is solved?

Yeah, you can store them locally. I can’t look right now, but I believe you just select “Save as Startup” instead of “Save to SD”. Something along those lines.

Thanks, @JoshuaACNewman. But I mean to store several patches in order to switch between them. Could I do this also locally?

Nope. Pretty useless as is for live usage. I am still hoping for the most basic bugs to get fixed someday


It is so unmotivating this silence in Axoloti and Akso context. I hope they be safe and give some feedback soon.