[SOLVED] Is my Java broken?

Hi, I just got 2nd hand Akso (happy multiple Axolotis user here). Akso seems to get connected fine to Windows Akso patcher. But trying to compile the patch (clicking Live checkbox) I’m getting quite some Java complaints.

To me it looks like something is wrong with Java. If I get it right, Java environment is bundled with Akso patcher. Could there be a collision with system wide Java that is already installed on my system?

Or is it anything else? Thanks in advance for any insights.

Edit: OK, after second look, I see the problem is with the path of some command that is called - line that contains:
‘C:\Program’ is not recogniyed as an internal or external command,

OK, to answer my own question :smiley: The problem was obviously in the location path I’ve put the Akso patcher into. It doesn’t work with paths that include spaces.
I’ve moved it elsewhere and it’s compiling fine now.