Strange offset in audio inputs?

Strange behaviour… Whatever configuration I try with the [input-left] or [input-right] objects, I still get a strong offset which I can visually notice in a vu-meter inside Akso. Like a heavy bias…
Depending on the configurations, a peak follower gives me a value of +/- 9, even though nothing’s plugged in the input jack.

Anyone has an equivalent problem ?

I chose to have an Akso without jacks, to make my own 6.35mm jacks.

Since it’s true on both channels, that doesn’t sound like your mistake … unless somehow you’re biasing at ground? Is there a tiny solder bridge that’s making a voltage divider somewhere?

Hi Joshua,
thanks for your reply… I was starting to feel lonely here !

Things evolved a bit : instead of using the input pads, I plugged my jack input on the TRS 2 pins of the board.
I get correct audio when a device is connected to it. Still there’s a strange, audible hiss if no jack’s plugged in.
Not that i plan to leave it unplugged, still it seems dodgy to me.
Do you experience something similar ?

No, and this is at the edge of my knowledge. But it really does sound like somewhere there’s some errant resistance. Retouching your solder joints might make it mysteriously go away.