Syntaxis Micromodular

Hey folks, did you see these?

They look like a great partner for akso. I was wondering: If i wanted to control these with 0-5v from akso, would I need to scale up the 0-3.3v output of an analog pin or how does that work?

Super cool!

It doesn’t seem like they give exact numbers on power consumption, but I’m guessing you could just power these directly from Akso’s +12 and -12 rails.

The H7’s normal IO is 0-3.3V, so you’d need to use some basic scale and shift circuitry along with the higher voltage rails to put it into an appropriate range. Looks like some of the modules take -7 to 7.

Akso’s normal CV output functionality could work too (from the main outs), but then you’d potentially be blocking audio output.