Synths in a XIXth century mood

You can call it Uchronia, Steampunk or whatever you want… this is what I like to create, synths that looks like a power station control panel from 1899!

SynTesla II - ( Mono synth + Vaccum tubes pre-amp /EQ )

SynTesla III - ( Poly synth + String machine + Mono synth + Vaccum tubes pre-amp /EQ )

SynTesla I Video :


SynTesla II Video :

SynTesla II and III details

SynTesla II and his Midi Plasma Panel


Gorgeous! Do you have videos of them in action?

Sure, just follow the urls in the post!

Oh, lookit that! I was blinded by the photos!

Subscribed! (My aesthetic is more “industrial waste repurposed into Soace: 1999 props. You can see some of my stuff on my channel. You’ll be seeing some Akso videos up there real soon!

This is so amazing to look at. Is there an Akso in it? Not that it matters. Just curious.