Teensy Midi Foot Controller

There you go…

It is a 56 button foot controller, that folds in itself for transport. One OLED per segment with all the Infos you need :slight_smile:


two buttons next to each other, i am supposing that you have experience with this :wink:
could you share a little about this feature

The second one is a hole :slight_smile: if you flip one of the boards on the other it sinks in and is a nice fit. So transport is easier and sturdier…


always something unexpected and surprisingly useful in your projects!

neat, but i still wanna know what two buttons next to each other do

So I don’t get it :slight_smile: which buttons are you talking about? The layout is standard piano layout with two additional buttons on the left of each board to switch settings and modes. One of the modes is a giant 4 octave floor pedal, hence the piano layout…

because you do strange things, i see strange things in what you do. I saw two switches next to each other (saw holes but figured it was a work in progress) and it made me think (assume) if you are putting two buttons next to each other and then leaving gaps, there is probably some good reason for it. Now i imagine there is a good reason for doing something like that, and there might even be one.

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