Urgent Need Axoloti or AKSO for a gig in Berlin

Hi there,

I just blew up my axolotl core. Don’t ask…
Problem is I have a film shooting of a livest with my music project for a festival next Friday and I desperately need an Axolotl core or AKSO for that. Otherwise I can’t play.
Is there anybody around who would sell me their board ??? I am based in Berlin and I have to have it before Friday obviously. Or is there maybe someone in Berlin with an Axolotl/AKSO who could led me a board?

If you can help. Please get in touch.

Im in Ireland and based on the time it takes Thomann stuff to get to me these days not including the additional Christmas online rush Im positive I couldnt get you my Axo by Friday :frowning:

Hopefully someone local can help. Sorry.

Same here from France, guess it’s too short delay.
Beware some objects are not compatible yet in Akso, so you might want to get an axoloti to be sure to run your patches easily.
good luck

Hey guys, thank u for your replies! We where very lucky in Berlin and got a axoloti core board that saves our ass. Take care for now. Have a nice day