USB C Ports and Pins

I have a question about the USB c ports: Usb C has potentially shit loads of pins, only few of which are needed for making an usb connection to the axo. What about all the other pins? are the exposed as test points? I’m asking because I wanna hack an oled into my midi controlelr and I am wondering if I could use unused usb c pins to send the data from the display to akso’s pins.

Do you mean from the Akso to the OLED? Or is it a touchscreen?

Yes like here.
I wanna hack an oled into my midi controller and maybe use a usb c connector to combine the 5 usb pins + some pins for the oled.

Ah! I see! The pins, far as I understand them, are all redundant, which is why it can be plugged in upside down.

Ah ok maybe you are right. But even then this is more pins than akso would need, since it’s USB2 no?
So I would still have “spare” pins for other data.

I’m curious about this, too. @nsm?

I’m a little bit confused about what the question is. You’d like to have a USB MIDI controller with a custom OLED attached to Akso’s host port?

I don’t think it’s a great idea to try to use other lines on the USB cable. I think it would be better to either just drive the OLED directly from one of Akso’s expansion ports (probably I2C) or to use whatever microcontroller is in the MIDI controller itself to drive the OLED directly.

The USB connection should just send data in the normal way. If the Akso and the controller are far apart, then I think the screen should be local to the controller, controlled by some processor locally.

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