Use +5/-5v CV mode for for audio output?

Just wondering if it would be a good idea to use the bipolar CV mode to output audio ? Is it supposed to have the same frequency response as the line mode ?

Axoloti’s weak audio level has been a concern for some of us. I’m thinking : what about having a stronger output, and attenuate it, in order to match some other gear’s level ? (ie guitar pedals) ?

Hey @Nicotep.

The frequency response is the same. It’s possible to use the CV mode for audio in a sense. The problem is that if you do the scaling in the digital domain you might sacrifice dynamic range: you have the same number of codec bits available in both modes. In other words, you wouldn’t want to run in CV mode and then actually attenuate inside your patch so that audio levels come out. You would want to run in CV mode and then do scaling in the analog domain. This is a little bit subtle; let me know if need me to try to explain this another way.

This might not actually be the best solution though. Can you give me a more specific example of a device you want to drive?

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Hi @nsm,
Right, i was indeed planning to attenuate the level in the analog domain, to keep full dynamic.

I think I get it easily… And the - analog - audio level attenuation seems really simple to me (contrary to its amplification), or there would be technical difficulties to it ?

I opened a thread on the Axoloti forum about this too, which is a subject already evoked in the past. It’s all about the clean but rather weak p-p voltage of Axoloti’s audio output

The idea would be to have a slightly hotter signal, ie in pedal chaining.