USPS Domestic Shipping Delay

Some parcels shipped within the US have been bouncing back to me for obscure USPS reasons. I’ve been using a similar shipping approach the entire time that has been known to work, but it seems that there’s actually some non-zero probability that it will bounce with that method.

I’ve been in touch with some of you directly about this issue already.

If your shipment bounced back to me, I’ll be sending it again with a slightly different shipment method. I’ll forward you the new tracking information.

Normally domestic shipments should only take a few days. The EasyPost tracking link is usually not updated before the package actually arrives. If you’re expecting a domestic shipment and it seems to be taking too long, please contact me, and we’ll work around.

The tracking never updated on my second board I assume this is what happened to it?

Hey @Tim. This should only impact shipments that remain in the US, not international shipments. It’s possible that your second board was delayed for other reasons. I’ll look into it.