What dimensions for a housing

When looking for a housing, what is the minimum width needed? I could not find the dimensions in the documentation secion.

Edit: I am asking for the akso.

https://zrna.org/shop here it says:

Dimensions 77mm x 30mm

@ivofx There is a 3d model available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/122eq6nevtulQVba2ztfYPky2eFj892P7/view?usp=sharing

@Tim Has done some great work on what I think is a 3d-printable case. It was derived from this 3d model. I think his boards are still in transit so we haven’t had a chance to test them on real hardware yet.

@sphynx That looks to be linking to different hardware than the akso. Do they share the same dimensions?

Knowing nothing about CAD programs, I installed FreeCAD, loaded the file given and it looks to be ~11cm in width, is that right? So it’s like an Axoloti without the midi-breakout then.

Axoloti without MIDI-breakouts is about 11x5 cm. Seems the 77x30 mm from the shopping page is not ok :thinking:

Hey @sphynx. What you linked to is a completely different piece of hardware which is much smaller. My FPAA board. The Akso details live here: https://zrna.org/akso/shop. Looks like I rounded to 43mm x 106mm on that page which is consistent with the model.

Ah I see. And I am afraid we have accidently ordered the ZRNA instead of the Akso :frowning:

Oh the dimensions are shown in the shopr page indeed, just not in the docs page, must have overlooked that

Just a heads up @nsm – that model doesn’t include the microSD card holder! :face_with_monocle:

Received my Akso the other day and I’ve already 3D-printed my first eurorack panel draft. It already feels like a Disting contender :heart_eyes_cat:

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I’m cranking out my very first prints from my new Prusa and would LOVE to try out your model!

Uploaded the stl and f3x for the eurorack panel on prusaprinters!

Is there a detailed dimensional drawing go the jacks. buttons and sockets on the ASKO anywhere? If so I would gladly make a Front Panel Express drawing and make it available. I have made many front panels through them and have always liked the results. Worth the money.

There are at least three on this forum already!

Akso as a eurorack module

What dimensions for a housing

Akso Benchtop Case and 2HP Eurorack Faceplate

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Those seem to be plans for 3D printing a front panel. I want to make an aluminum one with a few extra parts on it. I guess I will have to wait till I get one to measure.

I’m new to this forum and just planning ahead. Has ZRNA published any specs other than board size?

I believe the second link has the dimensions of the board.

The overall dimensions of the board are given but not detailed dimensions like center positions of switches and jacks. Also available or 3-D files for printing on 3-D printers but nothing that I can make front panel metal at least I can’t find any. I have seen some cabinets made, small boxes and such, but I have not seen a detailed dimension drawings giving stuff like hole sizes for Jack’s things like that. Obviously these have been made to create the PCB layouts and was just wondering if they were available somewhere else. I guess I can always wait till I have a board in my hands and actually take measurements from it.

Hey all, I’m new to both Akso and the Axoloti community (this is my first post), but I’ve got an Akso on the way within the next week or so and I’m pretty excited. Nord Mod / Micromod feels but with more horsepower, a massive community library, and best of all, CV ins/outs.

I’m way out of my depth with 3D printing, but I’m quite interested in that 2hp eurorack panel (linked above). Is this something that one of you with a 3D printer would be able to make, test in your rack, and ship to me? I would happily pay for shipping, materials, and a bit more for your gracious time/effort. Tagging @JoshuaACNewman as you seem most active on this front, but I don’t mean to put you on the spot by any means!

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My “rack” is holes drilled in a cassette caddy! So I can’t test any sort of accuracy for you.

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