What dimensions for a housing

When looking for a housing, what is the minimum width needed? I could not find the dimensions in the documentation secion.

Edit: I am asking for the akso.

https://zrna.org/shop here it says:

Dimensions 77mm x 30mm

@ivofx There is a 3d model available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/122eq6nevtulQVba2ztfYPky2eFj892P7/view?usp=sharing

@Tim Has done some great work on what I think is a 3d-printable case. It was derived from this 3d model. I think his boards are still in transit so we haven’t had a chance to test them on real hardware yet.

@sphynx That looks to be linking to different hardware than the akso. Do they share the same dimensions?

Knowing nothing about CAD programs, I installed FreeCAD, loaded the file given and it looks to be ~11cm in width, is that right? So it’s like an Axoloti without the midi-breakout then.

Axoloti without MIDI-breakouts is about 11x5 cm. Seems the 77x30 mm from the shopping page is not ok :thinking:

Hey @sphynx. What you linked to is a completely different piece of hardware which is much smaller. My FPAA board. The Akso details live here: https://zrna.org/akso/shop. Looks like I rounded to 43mm x 106mm on that page which is consistent with the model.

Ah I see. And I am afraid we have accidently ordered the ZRNA instead of the Akso :frowning:

Oh the dimensions are shown in the shopr page indeed, just not in the docs page, must have overlooked that

Just a heads up @nsm – that model doesn’t include the microSD card holder! :face_with_monocle:

Received my Akso the other day and I’ve already 3D-printed my first eurorack panel draft. It already feels like a Disting contender :heart_eyes_cat:

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I’m cranking out my very first prints from my new Prusa and would LOVE to try out your model!

Uploaded the stl and f3x for the eurorack panel on prusaprinters!