What to do with this akso?

what’s the deal with the akso these days?

I see there hasn’t been any software updates since the initial release. mine has been sitting in the junk drawer after running into troubles with the buggy midi implementation.

is anyone using this device for anything? does anyone want mine or should I send it to the recycler?

I feel you, I pick mine up every 4 months and the midi thing just stops me in my tracks, tried to add a midi shield but got nowhere with that…I’d love to hear a success story too

or screaming out into the darkness to Nic, any chance you could just try and fix the usb midi?

I wish I knew an answer, but I think ultimately Nic can’t face this project. I wish he could ask for support. I’ve moved over to the plugdata project that works finally with Daisy (https://plugdata.org), but still love building things with Aksos.

My requirements for Akso don’t really include MIDI, so if anyone wants to unload them to pay for some Daisy modules., let me know.

MIDI doesn’t work yet with the plugdata implementation for Daisy, so if someone wants to help on that, it would be great.

I’m happy to send this Akso if you’re going use it - email me at rfb at skyscraper nu

Looking forward to building a weird little thing for my niece!